YOUR REAL SUCCESS Program Module Overview

The objective of the YOUR REAL SUCCESS program is to help you mine the "assets" from adversities and use them as the source of your greatest advantage.

Module #1: Who Am I


The purpose of this module is to mine the character traits, learned abilities, and coping mechanisms out of our painful experiences, and to let go of things that no longer serve us. This module gives us positive language with which to distinguish ourselves. 

Module #2: Who I Want To Be


The purpose of this module is to help participants create a new self image based on the valuable assets they discovered in Module 1. Through their new self image, they will identify options they may never have considered, create a vision for their future, address obstacles, and take control of their future.

Module #3: My Plan


The purpose of this module is to lead participants through the steps of creating their own unique, actionable plan for attainment of their Real Success, based on the foundation of knowing their assets and the life they want to create.   

Module #4: What's Your Assignment (Optional Bible Study)



The purpose of this module is introduce participants to God and to His love for them and His ability and desire to bless them. This Bible study is meant to help facilitators and participants find level ground on which meaningful relationships can be built. 

Module #5: What's Your Message


The purpose of this module is to help participants identify and articulate clearly the unique message that has been entrusted to them. Whether delivered on stage to a large audience, to countless numbers of people through social networking, or whispered to one person who desperately needs it, everyone can learn to powerfully communicate his or her personal message.

Module #6: Branding You


Your brand tells your story for you. For maximum effectiveness, it must be consistent with your message. The purpose of this module is to help participants create the unique persona and marketing identifiers that will help communicate their unique message.


Module #7: Creating Professional Success


The purpose of this module is to give participants easily actionable strategies for creating professional success regardless of their field of endeavor. Your Life Assignment x Work Ethic = Extraordinary Success.

Module #8: Creating Personal Success


The purpose of this module of the YRS curriculum is to give participants communication tools and tactics for creating personal success with everyone, even the most difficult people. This training is core to the YOUR REAL SUCCESS program.


Module #9: (Optional for Entrepreneurs) The Bootstrappers Guide To Business


The purpose of this module is to help would-be entrepreneurs start and build their own successful businesses—many for less than $500 and within 48 hours!